Tom Donovan: Social Media Leadership On Long Island

Unlike many other Internet marketing pros, veteran Long Island web development and Internet marketing professional Tom Donovan is not among the “me too” crowd, following the crowd and quickly embracing the Net’s “next big thing.”

Donovan knows that the fast-moving interactive marketing industry is replete with news, blogs and posts about the latest innovative strategies. His extensive experience in the industry allows for a deliberative, analytical approach to programs and strategies. When Donovan does embrace a concept, it takes on a new dimension within New York web development and Internet marketing circles.

The buzz about social media has not escaped him at all, but Donovan believes a certain degree of maturity had to be established before social media could reach its fullest potential and be realized by his diversified company as a viable, monetizing marketing vehicle. Now, that point has been reached.

Donovan’s web design and SEO company The Web Leaders is including social media programs as an integral part of its online marketing offerings. His emphasis on a turnkey approach for companies, starting with web development and extending through to all aspects of Internet marketing, including SEO and SEM, allows for a cohesive strategy that keeps companies on a strategic path with manageable, realistic traffic and profit goals. The company believes that social media should always be part of a coordinated approach to web marketing, and his readiness to include it as part of a synergistic marketing plan of attack is very significant.

There are many interesting implications with social media besides the positive aspects of branding and promotion of customer identification that it allows for. Newer search engine algorithms, especially with Google, are demonstrating a realistic SEO aspect emanating from social media. Search engines “see” social media increasingly as a means to obtain timelier, relevant search results that are meaningful to the user. This is a powerful reason why now, more than ever, social media is maturing and more than just “the next big thing.”

Tom Donovan and his experienced staff monitor these developments regularly and his leadership within the industry in New York positions The Web Leaders very well for successful, return-on-investment driven program initiatives.

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